Seaway Plastic Engineering’s roots go back to the early 70’s in the Detroit-metro area where we were recognized as a pioneer in the quick-turnaround, prototype injection molding market. To this day we have remained focused on being the best possible company at meeting our customer’s needs for high quality prototype injection molding and low volume production.

One challenge all companies face today, whether they are a small entrepreneurial firm or a large global enterprise, is the need to get new products to market as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  The flexibility we offer our customers allows us to match their needs with our capabilities. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we can quickly build all aluminum molds, aluminum and steel combinations, or all steel molds. The key point is that we offer our customers the flexibility to choose from multiple tooling options based on what best fits their project requirements. 


Our goal is to further strengthen our position of quality leadership by satisfying customer needs through continuous improvement, service and productivity.


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