As part of Seaway Plastics Engineering strategic growth initiative, purchase orders have been place with Nissei for a new 950-ton, FVX860 injection molding machine as well as a new 72-ton, PNX60 machine.  The 950-ton press is scheduled for delivery within the next 3-4 months while the smaller machine is scheduled for delivery by the end of September.  Both of these machines will be installed at the Port Richey, FL facility.  Also, the Seaway-Brooksville operation took delivery in June of a new Nissei 120-Ton, FNX-110 injection molding machine.   The company now has a total of 29 machines ranging in size from 44-ton to the new 950-ton. In addition to the new presses, Seaway has purchased support equipment that includes an Extraction Robot for the large press, Sprue Pickers and Matsui Drying and Loading systems. 

The purchase of the large press demonstrates Seaway commitment to support our customer’s needs for larger size, lower volume production parts.  Next on the horizon is an injection molding machine in the 1500-ton range…The Seaway team invites you to come grow with us!