We have moved ahead with a 20,000 square foot addition to our Port Richey facility which was completed and moved-in late 2011. The new Engineering Center increase our manufacturing and office space to 50,000 square feet.

The new addition houses our Engineering Center and provides the capacity to design and build over 250 molds per year with lead times ranging from 5 to 20 business days. The additional space allows us to consolidate our decorating, painting/shielding, and assembly operations under one roof plus provide space for a new, 1000-ton injection molding press.


As of late December, we are finally moved in, with the construction of the new building 100% completed!

Next time your flyin' by, keep an eye out for us!

Roof Sign!

Outside Overview

Front Entry

Fish Tank

Lobby Stairs


12/8/11 We are in the final stretches of completion and all finish work is being completed within the next 3-5 days.  Our anticipated move-in date is scheduled for December 16th. 

Ramp Entry - Mold Storage

Mezzanine Overlook - Tool Shop

Auxilliary Stair Case

East Wing Offices

North Wing Offices

Entry Way Aquarium

Landscaping Underway

Outside Landscaping Underway


11/7/11 To this point, the majority of the drywall is completed, painters have been doing a great job spraying all the metal work under the roof inside, the electrical will be energized by the end of the week, and the site crew is now doing the finish grade.  From here on out, the majority of the work is finish work now that the building is successfully 100% enclosed!

Metal Painted

Mezzanine Painted Metal

Ramp & Block Wall Primered

Entry Way Fish Aquarium


10/19/11 Since September, the electrical, plumbing, & sprinkler systems are completed to a point where they need to wait for finish work to be completed (drywall, ceiling, paint, etc.).  A large hurdle that is currently underway is the connection between the new and existing buildings.  The block wall from the previous building that was removed needed to be re-inforced, allowing the block masons to continue up the wall.  This was required for fire suppression reasons.



West Side

Block Wall

Mezzanine Overlook

Mezzanine Floor

Arial 1

Arial 2

Arial 3



9/23/11 Much progress has been made over the past 3 weeks.  Installation of HVAC, sprinkler systems, electrical, and framing have begun.  The biggest milestone that has been completed lately is the concrete pour on the mezzanine.

Front Entry

Building Overview

Initial Framing

HVAC Installation

Mezzanine Early Pour

Framing/Mezzanine Knee Wall


9/1/11 Construction of Metal & Block Walls

Block Construction

 Construction of Sides

Block Construction



8/5/11 Roof Installation/Completion & Interior Block Wall

Beginning Of Roof

1/2 Roof Completed

Interior Block Wall

3/4 Roof Completed

On Roof Top!


7/15/11 Secondaries Attached


Parking Lot looking in



 7/7/11 Metal Work started:

Metal 1

Metal 2

Metal 3


6/22/11 Concrete Pour

Night Pour 1

Night Pour 2

Night Pour 3



6/21/11 Ground Breaking Ceremony



Senator Mike Fasano

Group Image

Group Dig