Download the Equipment List BrochureA critical part of our success is our continued commitment to reinvest in upgrading and expanding our equipment and capabilities. During the past 14 months we took delivery on two new 89-ton Nissei FNX80 and one new 240-ton Nissei injection molding machines. We also added two new HAAS VF-2 High Speed Machining Centers.

The "new" Seaway-Brooksville operation that was added in December of 2012 brought on-line 9 Nissei injection molding machines that complement the 17 machines in the Port Richey operation.  For more details, please reference the "Departments" section below.

Facilities Overview: 75,000 Sq. Ft. manufacturing area 100 % air-conditioned.

Departments: Molding | Secondary | Engineering/Quality | CAD-CAM | Tool Room