Low Volume Injection Molding

Whether it is for a prototype run or low volume production Seaway specializes in supporting our clients need for quick-turnaround molded parts. Nobody is better than Seaway in combining speed, flexibility and trust in order to get your parts where you need them, on time, on spec and within budget.

Short lead-times for new molds, 5 days to 5 week lead-times, vast majority of all molds built and maintained in-house with capacity to build over 200 molds annually.

60% of our production orders are “drop-in” orders (lead-time requests of less than 10 days for production orders).

Flexibility-moving targets/deadlines; handle EC’s efficiently with minimized impact on delivery schedule.

Effectively manage a variety of low volume order replenishment programs ranging from yearly blank orders to Kanban agreements to web-portal managed systems.

FastMold™ is the Seaway proprietary method of blending technology, craftsmanship, and human input into a process that results in the fastest, most flexible route to take your plastic part requirements from print to production.