Over Seaway’s history, our engineering and production teams have collaborated with and serviced an extensive range of companies and institutions.  We’ve had the good fortune to work within multiple arenas, with considerable concentration on the Medical, Aerospace, Military, Material Handling,  Food Packaging and the Specialty Electronics markets.

The Medical market (including Dental & Lab Equipment) continues to generate over 50% of our company sales.  Applications range from very small drug delivery pumps to over-molded hand held devices to large MRI machines.   Our parts end up in a variety of military and aerospace applications including aircraft windows,  cockpit components, “black box” enclosures, various types of GPS related products, missile components and many other applications.

The parts we supply to the commercial ice making  and frozen beverage market range from over-molded filter screens to complex fluid valves.  Within the automation and material handling markets, our customers are recognizing significant cost savings by converting high cost machined parts (metal or plastic) to low volume injection molding utilizing aluminum molds in many of the applications.

Whatever your market, whatever your product, Seaway is the source for your Injection Molding requirements.