The Seaway Quality Policy:

“Our goal is to further strengthen our position of quality and leadership by satisfying customer needs through continuous improvement, service and productivity.”

Seaway has instituted state-of-the-art inspection capabilities, utilizing Boice Coordinate Measuring, Starrett Optical Comparator with Quadracheck 2000 microprocessor interface and various precision measuring instruments.

Statistical process analysis and evaluation is also an integral part of Seaway's Quality Assurance Department, with the most up-to-date statistical tools and methods utilized.
Seaways Certificate ISO 9001-2008 Number 0111016

Seaway Plastics Engineering's Quality Management System is registered by DQS as an ISO 9001:2008 company, certificate number 10013838 QM08

Our system demonstrates the ability to consistently provide product that meets our customers’ needs and how we focus to enhance our customers’ satisfaction through the effectiveness of our quality management system. This includes our continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and related requirements.

Seaway’s commitment to “Quality” is reflected in our recent purchase of a new Micro Vu Excel 664UC precision automated measurement system that was delivered to Seaway in February '12.  This is Seaway’s second Micro Vu system.

Micro Vu