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Our history

Our history

Seaway Plastic Engineering’s roots go back to the early 1970s in the Detroit-metro area, where we were recognized as a pioneer in the quick-turnaround, prototype injection molding and low-volume production market.

In 1984, a mold maker/foreman from Seaway’s Detroit operation opened a small mold-building operation in Port Richey, Florida, where he had moved to retire. He learned that one man’s retirement is another man’s next career opportunity. Port Richey turned out to be an ideal location for growing Seaway Plastics due to its experienced pool of injection molding talent. Seaway Plastics soon made Florida its new home state.

By 2012, Seaway Plastics had saw the need to expand their production capacity. This led to the acquisition of Excalibur Manufacturing, a Brooksville, Florida injection molder. The fit was perfect, with Excalibur and Seaway operating the same lines of equipment, and Seaway customers gaining access to added capacity. The Excalibur plant became what is now Seaway’s Brooksville facility.

To this day, we have remained focused on being the best possible company at meeting our customers’ needs for high-quality prototype injection molding and low-volume production.

An established leader

As a truly exceptional place to work in Tampa Bay, Florida, Seaway Plastics was recognized by the Tampa Bay Times as one of the top workplaces in the Tampa Bay area in 2013. Other honors we’ve received include:

  • Manufacturing Industry of the Year Award – Category 2 Winner, 2014
  • Medical Design Excellence Award winner 2014
  • Business Ambassador Award in 2014 from the state of Florida
  • Flex Preferred Supplier Award 2017
  • Eaton Corporation Premier Supplier Awards, 2010, 2011, 2013
  • Employer of the decade 2003-2013

Employer of the decade

Eaton Corporation Premier Supplier Awards

Sabic Award

Flex Preferred Supplier Award