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Seaway Plastics ISO 13485 Certification + Class 7 Mobile Cleanroom + Low Volume Production Focus = Multiple Opportunities & Sales Growth… May 9, 2016

Seaway Plastics Brooksville operation continues to grow with our medical and non-medical customers requiring a certified cleanroom molding and assembly environment. Many of these projects are in what we refer to as a pro-to-duction phase, whereby our customers require the fast delivery of injection molded parts that meet print specifications during validation, often with multiple engineering changes to the mold. Seaway’s speed, flexibility and in-depth engineering support are critical to the success of the project. While the testing and validation of the parts is taking place Seaway is working with our customers to plan for the efficient launch of the project and their future low volume production requirements.

Contact Seaway Plastics to learn more about our Cleanroom molding and assembly capabilities and how we can support your project, from micro-size parts to larger size parts. Email or call 727-845-3235

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