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Seaway Grows with Addition of Large Part Molder

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Seaway Plastics grows partnership with Large Part Molder in China…February 2, 2016

A growing challenge for many of Seaway’s customers revolves around the low volume production of large injection molded parts that require molding machines in the 1000-ton to 2000-ton range. Over 5 years ago Seaway along with one of our global medical customers were challenged with finding an economical alternative for injection molding several large covers for a portable x-ray instrument. These parts are molded in color with no texture, cosmetically had to be perfect with zero surface defects and absolutely no contamination. Requiring only 200-300 sets of parts per year and molding presses in the 1200-1400 ton range presented its own challenge…working together, Seaway and our customer signed an annual contract whereby Seaway purchases enough parts from our molding partner in China to support our customers forecasted needs for a year. The parts are shipped to Seaway from China where we 100% inspect and re-pack the parts. Our customer draws from the inventory as needed, effectively supporting their JIT manufacturing strategy and eliminating the logistical nightmare of sourcing low volume production parts from offshore suppliers.

Seaways China molding partner has 7 injection molding machines in the 1000-2400 ton range. In addition they have an automated painting and decorating lines as well as a full-service mold building capability to support both new molds and efficiently maintain existing molds.

To learn more about how Seaway can support your large part, low volume production injection molding needs email us at or call 727-845-3235.

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