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“Service Mold” Strategy…do you have one?

Many companies face implementing a “service mold” strategy but do not know who to turn to that welcomes the challenge, have the capabilities and the experience to support this niche market.

A service mold strategy is generally not required until a project moves into a mature or declining market phase when product demand drops off significantly.  The company is then tasked with purchasing parts in much lower quantities and often at higher costs.   One of the biggest obstacles can come from extended lead-times from a production molder for service part orders due to small order quantities and despite the fact the parts are needed ASAP.

Supplier consolidation efforts also present challenges as many higher volume production molders do not want to inherit older, low volume service molds.  Many of these molds simply need to be put into an air conditioned storage environment as they have zero forecasted demand for parts; however, the molds must be readily available to support “drop-in” service orders.

With our niche focus on low volume production, we have enabled many of our customers to successfully implement a “service mold” strategy with Seaway.  This success comes from many years of experience assisting with the transfer of existing molds from both domestic as well as offshore suppliers to Seaway.  This requires a lot of upfront communication and teamwork, a process the Seaway team is very familiar with and welcomes!

Let us know how we can assist you with your Service Mold strategy?

Tim Smock-CEO

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