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Tooling flexibility

Seaway’s on-site tool room provides the capacity for fast and flexible mold making. Our mold designers and CNC programmers use state-of-the-art software to custom design the correct tooling needs for your projects. Our tooling for plastic injection molding allows us to meet your deadline in as little as four to six weeks.

Mold-making capabilities:

  • All types of aluminum and steel injection molds
  • Prototypes through low-volume production molds
  • 3D printing available

On-site equipment highlights:

  • 16 CNC machines (including 5-axis)
  • Two new electronic discharge machines (EDM)
    • Makino wire CNC
    • Makino sinker CNC
  • 10-ton crane
  • Fully equipped tool room

Our professional engineering and production teams can handle large, multi-part projects, and our equipment and facilities are designed to meet the most demanding needs of nearly any project.

Our proprietary FastMold™ method combines technology, craftsmanship and engineering input to offer the fastest track from print to production.

To learn more about our tooling for plastic injection molding and our other services, contact us today.